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Which pistes are open and what's the weather like? What time is the next train? Where can I find a restaurant that suits my tastes? The Matterhorn app is your ideal travel companion, wherever you are.

The interactive Matterhorn app is your mobile, personalised travel companion, helping you to have a perfect holiday in Zermatt.


Are you a keen skier or would you rather take amazing photos of the Matterhorn? Are you visiting Zermatt for the first time or do you know your way around the destination? Do you love fine dining or would you rather listen to live music?

The Matterhorn app can provide you with personalised information and recommendations.


Would you like to know which pistes are open, how much snow there is or what the weather forecast is for your stay? You can find all this information on the live site.


Are you looking for ideas for activities, restaurants or bars or would you rather relax in a spa? Be inspired. Using the map and your current location, it is easy to find the closest attractions.


In the shop, you can book your ski ticket and avoid the long queues.


Save your favourites and access the content you need at any time. You can also see a summary of all your purchased tickets.

Where can I get the Matterhorn app?

You can download the Matterhorn app from the App Store and soon, from the Google Play Store too. Search for ‘Matterhorn app’ and install the app on your mobile.

Which devices does the Matterhorn app work on?

The app supports iOS and Android. The app may not display correctly on older devices and iPads.

What are the system requirements?

The Matterhorn app requires at least iOS 9 or Android 5.0.

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What is the different between this and the Skiguide Zermatt app?

The Skiguide Zermatt app is a piste navigation app, used to find your exact location in the international ski resort and direct you to your destination (facility, piste, mountain restaurant). The Matterhorn app is not just about the ski resort, but also includes information about the whole destination.