Peak pleasure in the morning at 3'103 metres above sea level

Sunrise on the chocolate-box side of the Matterhorn

Clouds Clouds Clouds

The early bird catches the worm, or so they say. The early start is definitely worth the effort. At the top, at 3,103 metres, you and your companion will enjoy views of one four-thousand-metre peak alongside another. Everything is bathed in a soft light, as the red morning sky accentuates the shadows of the mountains and the sun peeps through the clouds. Enjoy a convivial breakfast and admire the breath-taking views unfolding outside. 

The trip up to the Rothorn takes place every Tuesday during the summer. Your ticket includes a spectacular sunrise and the delightful anticipation of a sumptuous breakfast. The alpine world is still fast asleep as you butter your breakfast roll, but then you take your first bite and the sun breaks through the clouds to herald an incomparable spectacle. 


  • Every Tuesday from July to August

Peak pleasure at ov 3'000 metres

Culture vultures take note: the “Peak Collection” on the Rothorn is not to be missed – an exhibition of original works installed around the mountain restaurant. It is on display all year round.