Fondue, wine and a generous helping of love

gondola fondue - a truly unique dining experience

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The scent of fresh bread, the bubbling of the cheese in the fondue pot and the beautifully set table in the middle. Gondola Fondue – a gondola cable car trip of a special kind on the foot of Matterhorn. Board the cable car with your loved one(s). The gentle swaying of the cabin signals the start. Slowly you rise to dizzying heights. The view almost takes your breath away. Pour out some cool Valais wine and clink glasses. Immediately below you lies the Zermatt valley and all around the Swiss mountain world. 

Delicious cheese and a glass of good wine in the cable car

Dunk a wonderfully fresh chunk of bread in the warm fondue mix as you relax and float past the Matterhorn. Apart from the traditional main course you get a choice of first courses as well as various desserts. Drink to each other’s health and enjoy the romantic moment in your gondola at 3,000 metres. 

The popular Gondola Fondue takes place twice a year as part of the Taste of Zermatt event series. There is a winter and a summer edition. The gondolas are always prepared for 4 guests.