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rag lifts: service suspended

The two ski lifts in the Stockhorn ski area have sustained serious damage from rockfalls in recent years. In addition, the retreating glacier fields along the course of the lifts have exposed steep rocky ledges, making the lifts impossible to use. And as the ice has melted, the glacier-mounted towers have also become unstable. The consequence of these naturally induced changes is that operation of the lifts has had to be temporarily suspended. As there is still a risk of rockfalls in this location and because there is no let-up in the glacial melt, the best solution is to replace the two drag lifts with a cableway. Planning for this new lift has now begun. The Stockhorn freeride area can also be reached using the Hohtälli - Rote Nase cableway so the drag lifts will remain closed until further notice. Further information to follow. Zermatt, May 2018

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