Dreamwaker as vocation

Special challenges demand special people. Do you want to come to the aid of visitors transfixed with amazement and help them back into the real world? Do you feel at home in winter and ready to meet the greatest challenge of your life? Find out here what it takes to become a dreamwaker and tell us what YOU have to offer. You can win one of three 2-day ski passes International to the Matterhorn ski paradise.

Win a stunning holiday in Zermatt:

The job description of a dreamwaker demands more than just skiing talent and creative ways of rousing visitors from their reveries. If you have the following attributes, you really should enter the competition outlined below:

  • Above-average fitness
  • Empathy
  • Improvisation and imagination
  • A way with words and good sense of humour

Send in a short video clip, showing a new and more imaginative way for Linus to wake awestruck visitors. The competition runs until 31 March 2022.

Conditions of participation

Get in it and win it!

*max. 30 seconds, max. size 50MB
* Please fill in the required field