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A sunny day in the Zermatt Alps. Fresh snow on the slopes, perfectly groomed pistes. The majestic Matterhorn stands supreme as the crowning glory of the fabled mountain panorama. Unexpectedly faced with so much beauty, visitors are often lost for words. Enter Linus the “dreamwaker”. Discover all about Linus and the world’s most unusual job here! 

Working day of a qualified dreamwaker

You’ll find them all over, even in the most unlikely places: spellbound visitors. To ensure everything flows smoothly in the Zermatt skiing area, they have to be gently woken from their reveries as quickly as possible. Time to bring on the dreamwaker who possesses all the skills needed to rescue the awestruck visitor.


It takes intensive training and special talents to become a dreamwaker. Candidates have to be physically fit and expert skiers. They also need nerves of steel, stamina and a knack for improvisation and finding unconventional ways of doing things. And of course, a good sense of humour is a must. 

Zermatt is surrounded by stunning mountain scenery. The unique panorama, with the Matterhorn, the mountain of all mountains, at its heart, leaves many a visitor lost for words. But even when you’ve gazed at the Matterhorn a thousand times, its power to amaze remains undiminished. That’s why we at Zermatt Bergbahnen and all our staff take great pride in smoothing the path of visitors to the mountain paradise.

To ensure that future generations will continue to be captivated, we have resolved to strike a sustainable balance between tourism and nature. With modern facilities, high-quality mountain adventures and a team of friendly young people, we are committed day in day out to amazing our guests. And if one or other of them is left frozen to the spot, Linus is on hand to help.

Who is linus?

what dreamwakers are made of

Linus is a real all-round talent. He is sporty, original and quick as a flash. His cheerful nature and charming manner make him one of Zermatt Bergbahnen’s most popular members of staff.

Responsible, innovative and understanding

Zermatt bergbahnen as employer

Zermatt Bergbahnen AG is Switzerland’s biggest specialist cable car and lift operator. The many attractions of the resort draw sports enthusiasts and holidaymakers from all over the world. As a modern employer with excellent environmental management systems, the company fulfils its responsibilities towards Switzerland, the Zermatt resort and all its employees.

What you can expect from us:

At Zermatt Bergbahnen, we regard the people who work for us as our most important asset. The company sets great store by transparent management.

  • Variety of activities
  • Dynamic teams
  • Supportive colleagues
  • Interdisciplinary teamwork across the whole resort
  • High level of professionalism
  • A job location like no other!
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