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In spring 2023, the Matterhorn glacier ride II will go into operation. This will open up the last section of the Matterhorn Alpine Crossing and travellers will be able to descend from the Klein Matterhorn to Testa Grigia without snow sports equipment. The cabins cover the 1.6 km stretch over the Theodul glacier in suspension, as no masts are needed for the 363-metre difference in altitude. The project of superlatives brings pure deceleration with a view of the breathtaking mountain world.


As with the first stage of the cableway project, the design of the station extension in the direction of Testa Grigia will further develop the concept of crystalline forms, the idea being to blend the appearance of the station with that of the rock wall of the Klein Matterhorn.

The shell of the hall will be made from timber, just like the existing station building. The wooden construction not only serves to enhance the stability of the mountain station, it will also give the building a warm and attractive appearance.

Another special feature of the mountain station is that two independently operating facilities can be connected with rails that allow cabins to be swapped between the two cableway systems.

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The valley station of the Matterhorn Alpine Crossing is being built directly on the Italian border, but still entirely on Swiss territory. This station at 3'458 metres will finally close the gap between Italy and Switzerland. As with the other cableway stations, the Testa Grigia valley station will have a timber construction, giving it a warm and modern appearance.

As soon as the Matterhorn glacier paradise to Testa Grigia section becomes operational, passengers arriving at Testa Grigia will be able to change directly onto the new 3S cableway to the Klein Matterhorn. The path connecting the stations is just a few paces. It also has wheelchair access. The same applies to stations along the whole stretch between Breuil-Cervinia and Zermatt as at Testa Grigia. 

reliable and modern

From Testa Grigia to the Klein Matterhorn station, the cabins cover a distance of about 1.6 kilometres and overcome a difference in altitude of 363 metres. The relative shortness of the stretch means the cables can be spanned between the stations without the need for a tower on the glacier.

Any cableway over 3500 m above sea level must be able to withstand the harshest weather conditions, and the “Matterhorn glacier ride II” is no exception. Zermatt Bergbahnen AG therefore opted for a modern 3S cableway system. This three-cable system is far less vulnerable to wind than other gondola systems, and its gearless electric motors are also particularly reliable, energy-efficient and low-maintenance.

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comfort and vision

Just as with the “Matterhorn glacier ride l”, the spacious cabins manufactured by SIGMA for the “Matterhorn glacier ride II” offer a quick and comfortable ride. The cabins were designed by Pininfarina, the famous design house renowned for its work with Ferrari and Maserati. The cabin design inspired by sports cars is remarkable for its generous features. With a floor space measuring 13.3 square metres, each cabin can accommodate 28 passengers on heated seats upholstered in leather and Alcantara. During the ride, the panoramic windows offer a spectacular all-round view of the Alpine landscape surrounding the Matterhorn. The entrance to the cabins is at ground level, making it easy to carry on sports gear and providing a barrier-free entrance and exit for wheelchairs and pushchairs or prams.

Two “Crystal Ride” cabins offer a particularly spectacular journey across the Theodul Glacier. The cabins are studded with crystals. They feature an opaque glass floor which becomes transparent in a matter of seconds while the cabin is in motion, revealing a dramatic view down onto the glacial landscape below – simply unforgettable.

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