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Photovoltaics at the 3S cableway stations

29 March 2018

The new 3S cableway is not only a remarkable feat of ultramodern lift engineering and high-alpine construction, it also features buildings designed to generate clean energy. The photovoltaic system on the façades of the valley station has been in operation since 30 January.

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Perfection in extreme conditions

15 January 2018

Under the most difficult technical and meteorological conditions and faced with huge logistical challenges, MOOSMAIR GmbH is making a significant contribution to various stages involved in the realization of the Klein Matterhorn 3S construction project.

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High-wire act

21 Septembre 2017

There was tension in the air recently as the cables for the new Zermatt 3S cableway were ready to embark on the final stage of their journey, having travelled right across Switzerland to Cervinia in Italy and up to Lake Cime Bianche, also in Italy. The cables were attached to a preliminary cable with the aid of a temporary cable bridge and winched from Lake Cime Bianche (alt. 2'812 m) via Furggsattel (3'365 m) to Trockener Steg (2'939 m).  

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Manufacturing the rope – A science in itself

28 June 2017

Wire rope comes in all shapes and sizes, and every cable car system needs its own special version depending on its type, size, length and geographical environment. This article sets out to tell you everything you ever wanted to know about the cables (or ropes) and how they are made, why the new 3S cableway is called “3S” and what kind of ropes are being produced by FATZER in Romanshorn for the new cableway.

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Europe’s highest medium-voltage switchgear

22 May 2017

Siemens Schweiz has been contracted by Elektrizitätswerk Zermatt AG to provide the medium-voltage switchgear for Europe’s highest 3S cableway at an altitude of 3'883 metres. The type 8DJH gas-insulated switchgear will ensure the new gondola lift gets an uninterrupted supply of power. 

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Strong Partners Ensure Success

07 March 2017

For over 80 years Ulrich Imboden AG has relished the challenge of the extreme and the company has evolved to become leading specialists in mountain and underground construction work. A large number of renowned projects testify to the high quality of their work. The Visp-based alpine construction specialists were duly given the go-ahead to work on the first section of the world’s highest 3S cableway. In commissioning Ulrich Imboden AG, Zermatt Bergbahnen has teamed up with a strong and reliable partner. 

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Tough work – rock stabilization at 3'883 metres

25 January 2017

Gasser Felstechnik AG has been working in and on mountains since 1922. The company’s areas of expertise include blasting work as well as rock stabilization. Having completed the work on the transport cableway from Lake Cime Bianche to Klein Matterhorn, Gasser Felstechnik AG was contracted to carry out the rock stabilization and excavation work for the new 3S cableway’s mountain station. 

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09 MAy 2016

Zermatt's 3S cableway will be powered by the exclusive LEITNER DirectDrive system, a unique cableway drive mechanism without a gearbox, which is low-maintenance and almost entirely noise-free. 

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