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A breathtaking glacier landscape with a view of several four-thousand-metre peaks can be seen on the Matterhorn Alpine Crossing.  | © Gabriel Perren A breathtaking glacier landscape with a view of several four-thousand-metre peaks can be seen on the Matterhorn Alpine Crossing.  | © Gabriel Perren


A trip round the Matterhorn

Opening on 1 July 2023

From vision to reality. After years of groundbreaking work, the vision of an all-season link between the world-class spa resort of Zermatt in Switzerland and the Italian village of Breuil-Cervinia is about to become a reality. Surrounded by a breathtaking Alpine panorama, the new route offers a thrill-packed ride. Passengers ride in cabins luxuriously fitted out for maximum comfort. The crossing is an experience in a class of its own – gliding over the stunning mountain landscape that straddles the Italian-Swiss border, with the Matterhorn always in view.

The Matterhorn Alpine Crossing raises cableway travel to a new level. The highest cable car crossing in the Alps connects two countries with different characteristics that cast a spell all their own. Enjoy the vista of unique mountain scenery around the Matterhorn and the special magic of each stop on the way.


An overview of the trip

From Zermatt
To Cervinia
Last ride 14:50
Travel time: 90 minutes
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Matterhorn Express fahren Richtung Schwarzsee. Im Hintergrund thront das Matterhorn  | © Michael Portmann

The Matterhorn within touching distance


No gondola passes closer to the Matterhorn than the Matterhorn Express. It’s definitely worth planning a stop here at Schwarzsee. It seems as though the mighty mountain wants to introduce itself and make friends with everyone here. The imposing north and east faces of this miracle of nature, formed thousands of years ago, emanate an aura of pure mysticism. A little further down, you can admire the views of the pretty alpine village of Zermatt.

  • Opening hours
    08:40 - 16:35 h
  • Last ride to Italy
    15:10 h


Barren glacial landscapes, rugged rock faces, the mystic Matterhorn, and in the centre of everything there is Schwarzsee lake. Depending on the light it can look almost black and have a mysterious and unorepossessing air about it. The “Maria zum Scnhee” chapel on the edge of the lake is a small house of God right at the foot of the Matterhorn.

Die sich im Schwarzsee spiegelnde Kapelle Maria zum Schnee, eingebettet in die Zermatter Bergwelt | © Mateusz Bocian
Herbstliche Blumen am Ufer des Schwarzsee | © Pascal Gertschen

Create memories that last forever. What about a photo of the world’s most famous mountain? The Zermatt letters are a great spot to take some creative shots for your photo album.

Familie beim Fotopoint Zermatt letters am Fusse des Matterhorns.  | © Basic Home Production
The North Face towers over the mountain landscape at the foot of the Matterhorn | © Michael Portmann

No matter what the season, a walking or cycling tour around Schwarzsee lake will get you in the mood for more. The varied alpine scenery and numerous restaurants by the side of the route provide the perfect excuse to make a couple of stops along the way.

Looking for action? A dirt scooter descent is the thing for you. A dirt scooter is an off-road downhill scooter with wide wheels for an exhilarating ride all the way down to Zermatt. A unique experience for young and old adventurers and downhill fans. It’s even more fun with friends or family.

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Information about trips on the Matterhorn Alpine Crossing is posted on the Zermatt Bergbahnen website.

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All the information on the construction of the Matterhorn Glacier Ride II, factsheets about the Matterhorn Alpine Crossing plus images and technical data can be found in our Media Corner.