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A breathtaking glacier landscape with a view of several four-thousand-metre peaks can be seen on the Matterhorn Alpine Crossing.  | © Gabriel Perren A breathtaking glacier landscape with a view of several four-thousand-metre peaks can be seen on the Matterhorn Alpine Crossing.  | © Gabriel Perren


A trip round the Matterhorn

Opening on 1 July 2023

From vision to reality. After years of groundbreaking work, the vision of an all-season link between the world-class spa resort of Zermatt in Switzerland and the Italian village of Breuil-Cervinia is about to become a reality. Surrounded by a breathtaking Alpine panorama, the new route offers a thrill-packed ride. Passengers ride in cabins luxuriously fitted out for maximum comfort. The crossing is an experience in a class of its own – gliding over the stunning mountain landscape that straddles the Italian-Swiss border, with the Matterhorn always in view.

The Matterhorn Alpine Crossing raises cableway travel to a new level. The highest cable car crossing in the Alps connects two countries with different characteristics that cast a spell all their own. Enjoy the vista of unique mountain scenery around the Matterhorn and the special magic of each stop on the way.


An overview of the trip

From Zermatt
To Cervinia
Last ride 14:50
Travel time: 90 minutes
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The Theodulsee on Trockener Steg, the Matterhorn and the gondolas of the Glacier Ride | © Mitch Pitmann

pivotal point

Trockener Steg

Worlds merge at 2,939 metres above sea level. Where the ski slopes end in the summer and the hiking trails begin is the border between snow-covered scenery and rough rock walls. You see the Matterhorn in a completely different light here.

  • Opening hours
    08:40 - 16:15 h
  • Last ride to Italy
    15:20 h


Learn all there is to know about the Matterhorn Alpine Crossing. The beginnings of the project over 80 years ago, the construction materials, facts and figures and the incredible photos and video clips of the construction sites only give a partial impression of the levels of expertise and passion that went into this project.

During the journey on the two 3S cableways, Matterhorn Glacier Ride I and II, these special cabins reveal a spectacular view: a few minutes into the journey, at a height of 170 metres above the ground, the previously opaque glass floor clears in a matter of seconds to offer a dramatic view down onto the glacier landscape below.

One of the best experiences in the high alpine area is the Zermatt ski test on the Theodul glacier. In the autumn (October and November) you can try out the latest models of skis from a total of 17 brands – all against a unique scenic backdrop. A ski-in ski-out experience in a class of its own! As soon as the ski test is over, the rooms are converted and the Matterhorn Testcenter reverts to being an attractive conference location with spectacular views. In addition, the Swiss ski manufacturer Stöckli also offers its latest models for testing at the Matterhorn Testcenter throughout the whole winter season.

Skitest Zermatt auf dem Trockenen Steg. 18 Skimarken sind im Matterhorn Testcenter vertreten | © Michael Portmann

The trail introduces the phenomena of the retreat of the glacier. It reveals what the glacier left behind as it disappeared, the conditions it created for the flora and fauna of the region and how humans have exploited the legacy of the glacier. From time to time the wind blows down from the glacier, applying a cold kiss from the eternal ice. It smells of snow, ice, rock, water and the purest mountain air.

A woman and a man hiking, the north face of the Breithorn in the background | © basic_home
A woman and a man hiking | © basic_home
Matterhorn Glacier Paradise
The highest mountain station in Europe
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Information about trips on the Matterhorn Alpine Crossing is posted on the Zermatt Bergbahnen website.

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All the information on the construction of the Matterhorn Glacier Ride II, factsheets about the Matterhorn Alpine Crossing plus images and technical data can be found in our Media Corner.