The first work on the "Schluhmatte" is about to begin

The construction project at "Schluhmatte" is entering the next phase. Now that the scheduling has been successfully set in motion, the first preparatory work will begin in the coming weeks. The new modern building of the valley station and the new cable car are expected to be completed by autumn 2023.

Operation will be maintained

Realising such an imposing project is a great challenge anyway. But there is another hurdle for the pioneers of the construction department around Anton Lauber. The operation of the Matterhorn Express must be maintained during the one and a half year construction period. So while the building of the valley station and the old cable car are being dismantled, the eight-seater gondolas continue to make their rounds and transport guests via Furi and Schwarzsee to Trockener Steg. This allows guests to enjoy an unrestricted experience during the entire construction period. The "old lady" will make the ropes creak for the last time on Sunday, 19 June 2022, before it is dismantled from 20 June 2022.

Temporary infrastructure for the sales points

To ensure that visitors can continue to purchase tickets on site and count on the competent advice of the sales team, a temporary sales point made of container elements will be erected from May to around mid-June 2022. This will be located on the right-hand side of Schluhmattstrasse, facing the Matterhorn. In order to relieve the road, a 75 m2 large cashier's area in a beautiful wooden construction will be built on the site. Furthermore, the guidance system for the guests will be adapted in order to be able to guarantee optimal operation even with reduced space conditions.

Construction traffic and noise emissions

The valley station building around the Matterhorn Express will then be dismantled between the end of June and autumn 2022. During this time, an increased volume of traffic from trucks as well as noise around the construction site on Schluhmattstrasse must be expected. Zermatt Bergbahnen is doing everything in its power to ensure that noise and dust control is as efficient as possible in accordance with municipal guidelines and asks for the understanding of residents in the surrounding area.

Timing of the next construction steps

April 19 2022: Start of preparatory work

2nd May 2022: Construction of the access road to the cable car, which is required for the demolition work

2nd May to mid-June 2022: Construction of the temporary sales point (wooden construction, placement of the container elements and the guidance system)

June 19 2022: Last ride of the old cable car "old lady"

June 20 to end of July 2022: Dismantling of the old cable car

End of June to autumn 2022: Demolition and excavation of the valley station building around the Matterhorn Express.

During the construction phase, information on the progress of the project will be provided on an ongoing basis.

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