The world's first AURO cable car is up and running

The new Zermatt - Furi cable car started operating today, just in time with the arrival of the winter season with the first snow fall. The modern cabins with space for 100 people glide from the Matterhorn Express station in Zermatt to Furi and offer unique views of the Matterhorn.

Last year, mid-June 2022, the old Zermatt - Furi cable car was dismounted after almost 60 years of running for the Zermatt Bergbahnen and construction works began for the replacement. Today, around a year and a half later, the new cable car is now in operation. In collaboration with the cable car manufacturer Garaventa, the given limited space available in the gondolas was optimally used and technical challenges were mastered with a lot of know-how. Meanwhile, construction works on the valley station building are being continued. The ticket offices will be integrated there, and ski lockers will be available for guests from beginning of December on. Completion of the upper floors - where the new offices for the Zermatt Bergbahnen administration are being built - is expected over the winter.

Safety of the guests as top priority

The operating of a cable car with a federal concession requires an operating licence approved from the Federal Office of Transport. This process involves various tests and simulations of possible scenarios. In recent weeks, safety and rescue exercises have been repeatedly simulated, including rehearsals of the evacuation concept by abseiling down from the cable car, for example. A rescue exercise in darkness was also carried out. Another point in the authorisation process is the fulfilment of the Disability Equality Act, which was successfully implemented. After now one and a half years of continuous operation, the parallel-running Matterhorn Express gondola will be in revision work as of today to be running again during the Matterhorn Cervino Speed Opening.

The world's first AURO cable car

AURO stands for "Autonomus Ropeway Operation" and is characterised by its autonomous operation. Digitalisation is being driven forward and optimised in all areas. Thanks to intelligent and networked technology, this product can guarantee maximum safety. Thanks to numerous cameras and sensors, the system can be controlled from a command centre and the cableway employees can be deployed in other areas. Zermatt Bergbahnen already relied on this technical novelty in December 2020 with the Kumme gondola and can look back on a successful implementation. Among the AURO cable cars, the Zermatt - Furi one is a world first.

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