A family hikes amidst the fauna and flora of Zermatt | © Basic Home Production A family hikes amidst the fauna and flora of Zermatt | © Basic Home Production

In marmot territory

The Zermatt Marmot Trail

elevation change

The sun-bathed Rothorn area is a favourite haunt of the alpine marmot. There are five observation posts from which to watch these cute mountain-dwellers up close. As soon as you reach the area, you can hear the shrill warning calls of the marmots. You need a sharp eye to spot them and sometimes a little patience. However, if you wait quietly for long enough you’re sure to be rewarded with a sighting of these fascinating furry characters.

The marmots in focus

Route: Blauherd – Stellisee – Sunnegga
Best time of year: June – September

This path is perfect for a family walk from Blauherd past Stellisee lake and on to Sunnegga. Elaborate wooden sculptures and information boards with facts about the alpine marmot add interest to the hike along the way.

Find the Right Ticket

On the trail of the rascally rodent

Our tip for the Marmot Trail
You need patience and a little luck to see the alpine marmot. The Kombi-Ticket for the themed trail includes one trip from Zermatt to Blauherd and one from Sunnegga to Zermatt. 

If you want unlimited travel on the  routes from Zermatt - Matterhorn Glacier Paradise, Zermatt - Rothorn, Zermatt - Gornergrat and Furi - Riffelberg (as timetabled), you should opt for the Peak Pass (valid for one or more days). It’s a guarantee of even more fun!