Skiing in the Matterhorn Ski Paradise


Skiing and snowboarding 365 days a year. Peaking at an altitude of almost 4000 metres above sea level, the Matterhorn Ski Paradise is the highest ski area in the Alps. This is where Swiss hospitality and quality combine with Italian lifestyle. Breathtaking pistes, stunning views, amazing restaurants and a wide range of activities are there for the enjoyment of young and old alike. State-of-the-art facilities and the daily efforts of all Zermatt Bergbahnen staff ensure that visitors enjoy a skiing experience in a class of its own.

ski area in the Alps

Matterhorn ski paradise

Piste highlights

Skiers look down on the Matterhorn from the Rothorn | © Gabriel Perren
Sunrise behind the Matterhorn at Blauherd | © Gabriel Perren
A family poses with Wolli in front of the Matterhorn.  | © Basic Home Production

The most beautiful slopes in Zermatt

One of the things that make skiing in Zermatt such a special experience is the breathtaking scenery. The following pistes afford particularly attractive views of the Matterhorn: Rothorn - Sunnegga (pistes 11 and 7), Tufternkumme (piste 15), Hirli area (pistes 52 and 54).

Matterhorn ski paradise

Breathtaking pistes, stunning views, amazing restaurants and a wide range of activities on offer. Every day, Zermatt Bergbahnen does everything possible to give our guests a really special skiing experience at the foot of the Matterhorn. Our visitors come from far and wide to enjoy the Matterhorn Ski Paradise. A world where sport, cuisine, enjoyment and adventure all come together. Welcome to Zermatt! 


Higher, steeper, faster – freeriders love extremes. Their motto: no slope is unrideable. Unless you’ve raced down a run covered in virgin powder snow you’ve no idea what freedom feels like. But safety always must come first. Follow the link to the nine commandments for freeriders.


Marvel at the ski area from a helicopter, land at around 4000 metres above sea level, then enjoy the pristine slopes: it’s a dream that can come true in the Matterhorn Ski Paradise. During the winter, Air Zermatt will carry adventurous guests to one of the mountain landing sites in the midst of the Alpine peaks above Zermatt. Perfect for high achievers! 

Ski touring

Ski touring in Zermatt – some say it’s like hiking but on skis, as you make your way through the snow up to one of the peaks near the Matterhorn and marvel at the breathtaking views. For others, it means something more, because reaching the top means you’re ready to start the adrenaline-fuelled descent. For many that’s the high point of every tour. Take care, however – there are some rules you should follow.

Weitere Highlights im Matterhorn ski paradise

Das Matterhorn Ski Paradise bietet ein rundum Packet an Erlebnissen. Sei es dabei zu sein bei der Pistenpräparation, die ersten Schwünge des Tages bei aufgehender Sonne zu geniessen oder doch lieber bei Mondschein die letzte Fahrt zu geniessen. Jeder kommt auf seine Kosten und findet das Packet, was am Besten passt. Gänsehautmomente sind garantiert!  

First Track

The early start is worthwhile as you arrive at the Matterhorn Ski Paradise before anyone else. Bask in the warmth of the first rays of sun before you take to the perfectly prepared slopes. Later, stop at a cosy restaurant for a hearty breakfast. A dream becomes reality – thanks to Zermatt Bergbahnen!
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Snow groomer with winch at dawn | © Gabriel_Perren

Piste preparation

Be there as the heroes of the night create the perfect conditions for people to enjoy their skiing experience in Zermatt, day in, day out. A unique atmosphere and exciting adventure in the Matterhorn Ski Paradise.
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Slope in the dark with a skier , the Matterhorn in the background | © Gabriel_Perren

Moonlight Descent

Magical moments in Zermatt. Ski by night as the mountain ranges glow in the soft light of the moon. Round off the evening with a delicious fondue, a warming treat for the body and soul.
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The new and modern infrastructure of the Matterhorn Testcenter | © Michael Portmann

Skitest at the Matterhorn Testcenter

On Trockener Steg, in the midst of the amazing glacier landscape, you can take the opportunity to find your perfect skis, with the help of professional facilities and expert advice.
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Nature is unpredictable. Conditions can change at any time. To stay as safe as possible, always be mindful of the information in the snow report and the avalanche danger levels. There are animals in the area, including during the winter. We try not to displace hibernating animals from their winter habitats or startle them. Information on wildlife reserves and conservation areas can be found here.

Skiing with care

Important information about skiing

Stay safe on off-piste descents in the company of one of the experienced mountain guides from ZERMATTERS.

To be prepared for any eventuality you need the right equipment plus the following emergency contacts: Mountain Rescue: +41 27 966 01 01 // KWRO/Air Zermatt: 144

For your safety, be sure to keep a watchful eye on the Matterhorn Ski Paradise snow report and the avalanche danger levels.

Don’t forget about the natural world in your adrenaline-fuelled excitement on the slopes. Information about wildlife reserves and conservation areas is important to prevent conflict between people and nature.