Current weather conditions around the Matterhorn

Wind and weather in Zermatt

Pack your warm jacket or leave it at home? That’s the question. But the weather in the mountains doesn’t only affect your wardrobe: knowing what the conditions will be like in the days ahead will help you plan your stay more effectively.

Our forecast shows what to expect at the foot of the Matterhorn today and in the days to come. You can also go to our live webcams to see the weather in real time.

Full details of the wind conditions in Zermatt


Before you set off for your day’s skiing or hiking or your family outing, it’s always a good idea to find out how windy it’s going to be ­– should you expect a gentle breeze or a blustery gale?  The strength of the cold alpine air blowing in your face can make a big difference to your day in the mountains!

Tip: The essential details of wind conditions in the Matterhorn Paradise are shown at a glance on the wind map. It’s always up to date so you can plan how to spend your time in the mountains.