Balmy breeze or raging storm? It isn’t just paragliders who are interested in wind conditions in the mountains. Knowing what wind speeds are expected can also be useful for planning skiing or hiking trips or a family outing. It makes a big difference how strong the wind is blowing fresh mountain air into your face. 

Our overview map gives you all the important wind data at a glance. Always up to the minute and easy to read so you can plan your stay for the best possible outcome.

City Wind Temperature
Schwarzsee 19km/h -11°
Trockener Steg 10km/h -13°
MGP 33km/h -21°
Rothorn 19km/h -12°
Sunnegga 15km/h -9°
Furgg 11km/h -11°
Gant 13km/h -9°
Kellensee 12km/h -14°
Panoramic map 19 km/h -11° 10 km/h -13° 33 km/h -21° 19 km/h -12° 15 km/h -9° 11 km/h 13 km/h 12 km/h