Matterhorn Glacier Paradise valley station

Marc Lagger
Communication & Media Manager

With each passing week, more kilometres of slopes are opening at Matterhorn Ski Paradise and the weather is presenting itself fabulously. Construction work around the valley station of the new cable car from Zermatt to Furi is also continuing. Thanks to intensive planning and preparatory work, there will be enough space to relieve the Schluhmattstrasse even when there is a high volume of guests. 

For once, the ticket offices will not be in their usual place this winter. The temporary ticket office on Schluhmatte has been in place since the summer and has proven its worth. Tickets can be bought here at the ticket office or conveniently in the online shop. To bring visitors to the ski area afterwards, the Matterhorn Express turns its rounds and already offers a magnificent view of the mountain landscape during the ascent. 

The waiting area has been optimised and generously laid out as of the beginning of December 2022 so that there is enough space even at rush hour. The first visualisations of the new valley station building, which is to be completed together with the cable car in autumn 2023, can already be seen on the side walls.