New Matterhorn-Express cabins

The Matterhorn-Express is currently receiving new vehicles. 154 cabins of the "Omega 3" type, which are somewhat lower in construction and have been in use for over 20 years, are being replaced by elegant "Omega 4" cabins of the latest technology. In this way, all 260 vehicles of the Matterhorn-Express on the Zermatt - Furi - Schwarzsee - Trockener Steg route will be standardised to the same type of cabin, which will enable guests to travel in a particularly pleasant manner and simplify operations from this summer onwards.

Wrapped in white protective foil, the new "Omega 4" cabins are driven up from Täsch to Furi by truck. Once there, the technical department of Zermatt Bergbahnen receives the precious freight and prepares it for hooking onto the ropes of the Matterhorn-Express. In return, the old "Omega 3" cabins are loaded onto the trucks for the return journey to Täsch, so that there are no empty journeys.

Guests can enjoy a ride in the new cabins from 18 June 2022, with views of the Matterhorn included. Tickets can be booked online here: www.matterhornparadise.ch/tickets

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