2 Gondeln schweben im Frühling über der Kapelle in Blatten und vor dem weissen Matterhorn.  | © Gabriel Perren 2 Gondeln schweben im Frühling über der Kapelle in Blatten und vor dem weissen Matterhorn.  | © Gabriel Perren

The voyage of discovery can begin


metres above sea level
suspension bridge
fire pits

During the summer, the hamlet of Furi is surrounded by meadows, interspersed with larch woods and gently rounded rock formations. The winter landscape, by contrast, is a magical snow-covered scene. With the gradual retreat of the Gorner Glacier, the fields around Furi, once trapped beneath eternal ice, became fertile pasture for livestock. Some of the historic timber stacks, which once served as cattle sheds, have been converted into homes, retaining a link to the past. Whatever the season, Furi attracts visitors wanting to escape from the hectic pace of daily life and find relaxation.

Discovering Furi

Whether in summer, autumn, winter or spring – a visit to Furi is always worthwhile. Immerse yourself in a world of variety, whether it be skiing, hiking or relaxing at the leisurely pace of the surroundings. The landscape around the historic hamlet of Furi reveals itself as a place of secrets, where old traditions live on to this day.

Highlights of Furi

Furi harbours a rich store of exciting stories and thrilling adventures – something for the whole family. With steep paths, enchanted forests and picturesque mountain pastures, the hamlet presents a very varied picture. In wintertime, Furi acts as the central hub of the ski area and also serves as the starting point for hikes through the snow-covered landscape.

Gorner Gorge blue water play between fauna and rock | © Pascal Gertschen

Gorner Gorge in Zermatt

The Gorner Gorge in Zermatt is a hidden beauty which takes your breath away. Deep rock clefts and torrents of glacier water fuse to create a stunning natural backdrop. Step into this chasm and you are drawn into a fascinating world full of adventure and mystery.
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Gorner Gorge blue water play between fauna and rock | © Pascal Gertschen

Dossen glacier garden

A journey back into the Ice Age. For over 4000 years pure ice, the Dossen glacier garden now reveals glacial potholes and mysterious rock caves. It also offers a barbecue area, fire pits and a children’s playground for relaxation and fun.
Hängebrücke Furi mit Blick auf die "Dossen". Im HIntergrund thronen Felsen und Lärchen | © Andrea Soltemann

Suspension bridge

A bridge 100 metres long spans the Gorner Gorge, high above the raging waters. Looking down is not for the faint-hearted. The Dossen glacier garden lies on the far side, waiting to be discovered.
suspension bridge trail
A breathtaking glacier landscape with a view of several four-thousand-metre peaks can be seen on the Matterhorn Alpine Crossing.  | © Gabriel Perren

Matterhorn Alpine Crossing 

When a vision becomes reality: the year-round connection between Zermatt and Italy is now complete. Surrounded by a breathtaking Alpine panorama around the Matterhorn, the new route offers thrills, luxury and the highest levels of comfort.
highest alpine crossing

Ticket tips for Furi

The single journey to Furi near Zermatt offers a unique opportunity to explore the picturesque landscape of the Swiss Alps and immerse yourself in its natural history. Spectacular gorges and historic hamlets are waiting to be discovered during a leisurely walk.

If you are looking for a more comprehensive mountain adventure, the Peak Pass is available, offering unlimited journeys on the routes linking Zermatt - Matterhorn Glacier Paradise, Zermatt - Rothorn, Zermatt - Gornergrat and Furi - Riffelberg (as timetabled).