Solitude on high

Snowshoe tour on the matterhorn glacier trail

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The snowshoe tour along the Matterhorn glacier Trail is without a doubt one of the most beautiful experiences in the winter wonderland of Zermatt’s Alpine world. Accompanied by a qualified guide, you make your way along a route from Trockener Steg (2,939 metres) to Schwarzsee (2,583 metres).

Ahead of you lies an unspoiled winter world as you trace your tracks in the snow, climbing past the Theodul Glacier lake until you reach an isolated plateau. Time seems to stand still there. The world is peaceful, a soft blanket of snow covers the ground.

One after another, Alpine giants rise up at your side: the Matterhorn, the Dent Blanche and the Gabelhorn. A little further in the direction of the Matterhorn the path turns down towards Schwarzsee. Once the idyllic lake and the little “Maria zum Schnee” chapel appear, you are almost at your destination.

Restaurant Schwarzsee

A few steps further and you reach Restaurant Schwarzsee. As a reward for your efforts you may like to treat yourself to one of the home-made Swiss specialities, ideally on the sun terrace. Restored after your meal and recovered from your walk, you can take the easy way back to Zermatt – by gondola lift.