Reserved for night owls

The Rothorn moonlight descent - skiing under a full moon

Clouds Clouds Clouds

The slopes are deserted as the full moon, high in the sky, bathes the surrounding peaks in a soft light, and down below, lights twinkle in the village of Zermatt: it’s a magical, romantic scene you’ll only ever see if you’re a real night owl. You can imagine what an enchanting experience it must be to ski on the Rothorn by moonlight.

Before the atmospheric descent begins there is a culinary highlight to look forward to: a three-course full-moon menu at Restaurant Rothorn. The main course is a traditional Swiss cheese fondue served at the table.

Time for some magic!

At 10.30 pm the moonlit descent begins. It’s best to bring your own headlamp or torch in case there isn’t quite enough natural light. Safety is the number one priority on the slopes of the Matterhorn ski paradise and that’s why the descent is accompanied by members of the Zermatt Piste Patrol and Mountain Rescue service.