Breath-taking 360° panorama

Viewing platform

Clouds Clouds Clouds

You don’t need any mountaineering skills, ropes or crampons to reach the summit of the Klein Matterhorn. Just step off the Matterhorn glacier ride and into the summit lift and up you go. Then you mount a flight of steps and the summit cross is almost within touching distance. 

From the highest viewing platform in Europe visitors can enjoy a unique alpine view that knows no national boundaries. The 360° panorama opens up over 38 four-thousanders and 14 glaciers in France, Italy and Switzerland. It’s impossible to get enough of this view, which takes in the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau in the north, the craggy north face of the Breithorn in the west, and Mont Blanc, the highest peak in Europe, in the east. And the Matterhorn too can be seen from a different perspective up here. The long-distance view is captivating and instils a quiet, reflective mood in many visitors.

The romantic nature of the Alpine world comes into its own up here on the viewing platform. When lovers pledge to remain true to each other “for better, for worse…”, they mean their love will prevail through good times and bad, sunshine and storms, overcoming all adversity. And here, in a symbolic gesture witnessed by the towering mountain peaks, the romantically inclined can reaffirm their feelings by attaching a love lock to the railings of the viewing platform as a token that will endure through sunshine and storms – quite literally. If you put the padlock key in the letter box at the entrance to the lift, it will be taken to the Glacier Palace and set in the eternal ice as a symbol of undying love.

Love locks are available from the Peak Shop at the Matterhorn glacier paradise.