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If you were to look for a perfect place for an adventure playground in the Swiss Alps, you’d probably find it exactly here, at Blauherd. At 2571 metres, on a sunny plateau between Sunnegga and Rothorn.

You can get to the Blauherd mountain station by gondola cable car in summer or with the combi cableway with extra seats in winter from Sunnegga. When you get there, the surrounding Zermatt mountain peaks seem to bid you welcome. A brief greeting to the Matterhorn and the adventure can begin.

Have you thought of everything? Directly in the Blauherd station you’ll find a new kiosk, which sells souvenirs, snacks and drinks, as well as tickets.

Summer adventures on Blauherd

Summer visitors bring their hiking shoes to Blauherd. They are curious. And sometimes adventurous too. No problem, there’s plenty of variety. 


Downhill action for the whole family

Racing down the mountain on mountain carts. Does that sound like fun? You bet! The robust three-wheeler go-karts promise a speedy descent along the 1.6 kilometre dirt track from Blauherd to Sunnegga.



when a hike is a voyage of discovery

Let your curiosity be your guide. Between June and September, there is so much to discover on the themed hiking trails around Blauherd. Fascinating places, rare plants and cuddly alpine animals ...


Alpine Lounge 

Taking responsibility for the environment.
The lounge is not only an inviting place to relax, it also seeks to raise visitors’ awareness of a variety of environmental issues relating to the area. 

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themed hiking trails

Five-lake hike to Sunnegga

Don't forget your bathing things. (Leisee & Grünsee)

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Flower hike from Tuftern to Sunnegga

In search of rare alpine roses and edelweiss

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Panorama hike to Ritzengrad

Extraodinary facts about mountains you certainly didn't know before.

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Marmot hike to Sunnegga

Who will see the most marmots in this marmot paradise?

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Have you already chosen your favourite experiences on Blauherd? No? Perhaps the team at Zermatt Bergbahnen AG can help you choose ...