Amazing downhill thrills for young and old alike

Dirt scooter riding at Schwarzsee

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Would you like to whiz across the foot of the Matterhorn’s north wall on a dirt scooter? Then pack up your family and hurry to Zermatt! The descent starts at Schwarzsee: a unique experience for thrill-seekers and downhill fans of all ages.

Dirt scooter? It’s an off-road downhill scooter which will get you down from mountain to valley fast but safe.

Packages and prices

Dirt scooter 5-hour package includes:

  • Schwarzsee bike pass (full-day pass)
  • Dirt scooter hire five hours

Dirt scooter 2-hour package includes:

  • Single trip to Schwarzsee
  • Bike transport
  • Dirt scooter hire for two hours
Prices Dirt scooter 5-hour package Price
Adult CHF 111.50
Peak Pass, Swiss Travel pass, half-fare or GA holders CHF 82.00
Children aged 9 - 15.99 CHF 76.00
Prices Dirt scooter 2-hour package Price
Adult CHF 61.50
Peak Pass, Swiss Travel Pass, Half-fare or GA holders CHF 51.00
Children aged 9 - 15.99  CHF 47.50

Who’s first to the valley? Try it out and make sure of your dirt scooter for the next family outing to Zermatt. You can rent your dirt scooters directly at the Matterhorn glacier paradise valley station in Zermatt (no reservation necessary)... 


Yes you can, scooters are spotted regularly on Sunnegga They’re called kick bikes and are very similar to dirt scooters. What’s the difference? Compared with kick bikes the tyres on a dirt scooter are smaller and wider. Also, the brake is not on the back wheel (foot brake), it’s on the handlebars, just like on a bicycle.


A visit to Schwarzsee

Schwarzsee at the mountain station of the same name is an idyll that is hard to beat. With a little chapel on the lakeshore and the Matterhorn in the background it’s more than just a perfect place to relax – it’s also somewhere you can take photos good enough to use as postcards.



  • When is the best time for dirt scooter riding? In the summer months, from July to mid-October.
  • Which days of the week can I go dirt scooter riding? Every day.
  • Is there an age limit? Anyone over nine years of age can go dirt scooter riding.
  • Can I hire a dirt scooter? Yes, from Dorsaz Sport, at the Matterhorn glacier paradise valley station in Zermatt.
  • Do I need a helmet? Yes, one will come with the scooter.
  • How do I get to Schwarzsee? With the cable car from the Matterhorn glacier paradise valley station in Zermatt. The trip takes about 20 minutes. Tip: When you buy your ticket ask about family discounts or group travel deals.
  • How I get my dirt scooter to Schwarzsee? Just take it with you in the gondola cabin.
  • What route should I take to the valley? The route leads from Schwarzsee, which is at 2,538 metres, via Stafelalp and the hamlet of Furi back to Zermatt.
  • Are there mountain chalets or huts along the route? Yes, there are several places you can stop at on the way. See if you can find vacant seats on a sun terrace.
  • Where can I hand back my dirt scooter and helmet? At the Matterhorn glacier paradise valley station in Zermatt.