World's highest 3S cableway

Matterhorn glacier Ride

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The new lift to the Matterhorn glacier paradise (Klein Matterhorn) will be significantly quicker, and the modern cabins, designed by Pininfarina, will ensure the ride is more comfortable than ever. The 3S cableway made by LEITNER ropeways will complement the existing cableway and increase the carrying capacity to Europe's highest cable-car station by 2000 passengers per hour. Commissioning is scheduled for the beginning of winter season 2018/19

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Cableway of Superlative

World's highest 3S Cableway

The construction project in progress is one of the world’s most spectacular building sites. Since spring 2016, the world’s highest 3S (three-cable system) cableway has been under construction at altitudes between 2939 and 3883 metres. All the companies involved in building this unique installation have had to contend with immense technical and logistical challenges. The construction of a mountain station at almost 4000 metres has proved particularly demanding. The extreme high-alpine environment has been particularly testing, not only for the workers, but also for the materials and equipment.

Spectacular feat

Transporting the cables was a spectacular feat in itself: the hauling cable alone is more than eight kilometres long and weighs a little over 67 tonnes. Once the cables had been brought by truck convoy over 500 kilometres from the production site in Romanshorn (northeast Switzerland) to Cervinia, they had to be hauled with great care over Furggsattel (3365 metres) to the valley station at Trockener Steg (2939 metres). Having reached this final destination, they were installed along the route of the Matterhorn glacier ride, a stretch of more than four kilometres. The longest span length of the new cableway in free suspension is around three kilometres.

Leading-edge technoloy meets design

Starting with the winter season 2018/19, the Matterhorn glacier ride, the world’s highest 3S cableway, will carry outdoor enthusiasts to the spectacular high-alpine world of the Matterhorn glacier paradise. Thanks to the cooperation with well-known companies such as Pininfarina and Swarovski, passengers can look forward to outstanding design, a comfortable travelling experience and breath-taking views.


The long and successful partnership between LEITNER ropeways and PININFARINA, the celebrated design firm behind Ferrari and Maserati, reached a highpoint in the development of the new Symphony cabins. Their iconic design and standard of comfort represent a direct connection to the world of car design: advanced technology that combines aesthetics with functionality



The modern, crystalline design of the two new stations reflects that of the cable car cabins. The valley station was constructed to the west of the Matterhorn Express mountain station at an altitude of 2923 metres. Erected 40 years ago for the highest cable car system in Europe, the old station building is representative of the architecture of its time: a sturdy fortress of reinforced steel. By contrast, the new valley station consists of large areas of photovoltaics and glazing in a patterned arrangement. The materials of the building’s exterior will provide protection from the surrounding environment of rocks, scree, snow and glaciers, and the harsh forces of nature, at the same time giving visitors a close-up experience of these from a sheltered position. The interior of the building sparkles and glitters like ice crystals in the winter sun.